Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fragmente din "Middlesex", Jeffrey Eugenides - a doua parte

 Sa continuam de unde ne-am oprit ieri, dupa ce am selectat cu mare durere din post-it-uri.

Freckled Big Bang
The girl had taken a seat across from me. She was leaning toward Reetika as though to look on with her, but her eyes were taking on the plants. Her nose wrinkled up at the mulchy smell.

Part of my interest was scientific, zoological. I'd never seen a creature with so many freckles before. A Big Bang had occurred, originating at the bridge of her nose, and the force of the explosion had sent galaxies of freckles hurtling and drifting to every end of her curved, warm-blooded universe. There were clusters of freckles on her forearms and wrists, an entire Milky Way spreading across her forehead, even a few sputtering quasars flung into the wormholes of her ears.

Excuse me, do you speak Female?
Gender was like a native tongue; it didn't exist before birth but was imprinted in the brain during childhood, never disappearing. Children learn to speak Male or Female the way they learn to speak English or French.

To be everywhere
A few times I walked out to the beach to sit by the sea, but after a while I stopped doing that, too. Nature brought no relief. Outside had ended. There was nowhere to go that wouldn't be me.

This scene HAS TO be made into a movie. And I plan to watch it many times.

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