Sunday, January 16, 2011

Every word they say

"(...) To this day I find it hard to gaze directly at people like Hassan, people who mean every word they say.

'But I wonder,' he added. 'Would you ever ask me to do such a thing, Amir agha?' And, just like that, he had thrown at me his own little test. If I was going to toy with him and challenge his loyalty, then he'd toy with me, test my integrity.

I wish I hadn't started this conversation. I forced a smile. 'Don't be stupid, Hassan. You know I wouldn't.'

Hassan returned the smile. Except his didn't look forced. 'I know,' he said.

And that's the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too."

Pe coperta unu declara Isabel Allende ca "Unforgettable... extraordinary. It is so powerful that for a very long time after, everything I read seemed bland." Eu am pufnit atotstiutor, cum imi e obiceiul uneori: ieaaraaaait, bleand. O sa fie Rushdie 'bland' like never. Asta planuiam sa citesc dupa. Acum mi-e putin teama pentru jucariile verbale ale domnului...

Apoi am citit A Thousand Splendid Suns, pe nerasuflate si apoi am azvarlit cat colo alte doua carti pentru ca pareau false, proaste, incomplete.

Am simtit multe cuvinte si imagini din cuvinte citind aceasta carte. Printre ele si pe acesti people who mean every word they say. Si care cred ca everyone else does too.

Pe finalul anului trecut am adunat fragmente dintr-o lectie bine impanata cu semne de dispret. Le-am pus bine. O sa-mi prinda bine in cativa ani, cand nu o sa ma mai pot lauda ca in casuta verde din titlul blogului.

"Filozofii umaniste." Filozofia, definitia insasi a artei de amorul artei, disciplina inutila din punct de vedere realist. Cresc si rosii, si catei si copii si companii fara filozofie. Umanist, referitor la oameni si sufletul lor. Inutilitati referitoare la sufletul oamenilor. Oare fara sufletul oamenilor mai cresc rosii, catei, copii si companii?

Abia astept anul in care o sa inteleg si eu ca da. Oare asta sa fie? 2011? Cred ca vom trai si vom vedea.

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