Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On words and personal dictionaries

I found a little treasure these past days, while gracefully running a movies marathon. The most adorable and rich song by Charles Aznavour, the French singer, composer, songwriter, actor and a lot others of... Armenian background and roots (the witty use of words, the multiple interests and careers, the curious, shiny and vital eyes, what sign would you guess, huh?). For me formidable (totally fell in love with canaille-canaille-canaille-how can I). Here, click on play and hear the amazing word-playing.

Besides the "awww-cute" moments, I thought about how we each speak our own and personal language. So clear for us and nothing but meaningless babble to the others. As our relationships grow deeper and richer, we start mixing the two dialects, like Aznavour so cleverly put it.

"Toi, tes eyes, ton nose, tes lips adorables"

In the end, if we keep our hearts open, our minds curious and our will strong, we end up bilingual and blissfully happy and we wake up in the mornings quite sure than we wouldn't trade our life for anybody else's in the world.

The big surprise is it takes a lot of time and hard work to truly understand the other and to speak a bit of his/her language.

First you have to listen carefully. You have to watch how the lips open and arch on the vowels, how the tongue touches teeth or palate on the consonants, how the mimic accentuates the meaning. You have to keep quiet to hear the music of the other's language.

Then comes the time spent together on top of a notebook. How do you say cookie? This is how I say hug. And the drawings :) My favourite part. When none of you know the word in the intermediate language. The childishly happy aaaaaaa's! of the discovery.

And later you buy the dictionaries. And you always look them up for words that will make your conversations, happy times, declarations and silences so rich. Up untill the moment you even manage to grasp the subtleties of accent and tone.

This is how much time, patience and effort it takes to be able to speak the same language as someone you care about. This is how amazingly stunning and curiously self-revealing is the time of the mixed babble.


Vero said...

He's a Gemini, of course:)

Another brilliant Gemini is Matt Bellamy from Muse, my God, how insanely magnetic and gifted he is! Here's a beautiful song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJDAmXHHfuM&feature=related

And this one is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDTICbjVDuI


Danonino said...

Wow, brilliant indeed. Liked it.