Friday, December 18, 2009

Fit to live

Really? Really-really? Does he mean it seriously?

I only just found a Martin Luther King quote, I, the quotes-proverbs-sayings collector. To pacify the skeptics, let's say I found it TODAY by pure accident. And it goes like this:

"The man who is not ready to die for something is not fit to live"

It makes me think. What would I die for? What is that thing or person so important that is worth more than the entirety and potential of my life? What or whom would I gladly give up living for? I'd highlight here the richness of meanings "living" offers to the curious mind.

It makes me wonder. I saw with my own eyes people that would literally die for nothing at all, not that they were living for much. And I saw, sometimes felt, the living dead.

It makes me believe Martin Luther King missed some capital letters on "LIVE". At least nowadays, when one has to capitalize everything that needs to stand out. Small, handwritten letters are of no good. Too humble to be noticed with all this sparkle around.

Yet there are feelings and words that should stay humble, the smallest of all handwriting. Better yet, unuttered. Perhaps they're not really fit to live, not in this world anyway.

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