Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Believe. A lot.

This is not a post about the joy of Christmas.

It has been an incredible year. For me it started with a long awaiting and it ends with a hug and a handshake. The intermezzo was full of valuable lessons. I have found a very funny quote sometimes during the summer, while preparing a training. It says that the things one learns while holding an enraged cat by the tail could never be learned otherwise. And boy, do I like cats! The thing with fluffy creatures or objects is you never-ever expect them to behave bad.

All intermezzos are full of lessons. All our life is but an intermezzo, a delightful one if we will.

This is not a post about loss either.

God or whoever is in charge (I personally prefer Jesus, much kinder and cuter) has pushed so many beautiful people in my life this year, to make up for the one I lost. He even pushed me in my own life, Amazing Me, a young lady that I didn't know and that can do, see, run, smile, feel and love so much it makes you wonder what the hell is she eating for breakfast each day.

Maybe this is a post about growing.

About looking back, as the year comes to an end, to who you used to be when the year was young. Most of times, when I look at the one I was I see somebody so delicate and naive you'd never believe she could cross the road by herself :)) I suppose I just ate a lot this year because right now I am and feel much stronger. We are never meant to lose something or somebody without getting so much more in return.

Truth be told, I'm off to make a big snowman with a carrot nose, to find my old sledge from when I was a little girl, to eat more than I can handle, to bite more than I can chew (can't help it :) ) and to spend a couple of days with the people that made me most of what I am today.

Have fun this holidays, tear apart that wrapping paper, laugh a lot, eat a lot and believe a lot!


Irina said...

i never tear it apart, eu o desfac frumos sa ramana relativ intreaga, si apoi decupez modelele de pe ea :D

Cristiana said...

Daniela, draga mea Daniela!!
Veselia se intrupeaza in seriozitate si aplecare care toate cele ale lumii in care traieste, cu caldura si frumusetea ei intreaga!!
Numai asa vad eu sufletelul tau plin de viata, de umor, de tandrete, de bucurie de tot ceea ce este azi in viata noastra mai bun, mai folositor!!
Si iti multumesc ca m-ai primit in viata ta.. chiar daca eu sunt pasare rara prin peisajul bloggerilor comentatori!!
Iti doresc sa ramai intotdeauna cu sufletul tanar si patrunzator, cautator si totusi bland, vesel si bun ca painea calda!! Sa fii un anotimp al bucuriei in viata mea si sa ne inmiresmezi gandurile care ni se impletesc in firele lor spiralate catre infinit!!
La multi ani frumosi, voiosi si sanatosi, Sufletel!!!
Cu drag, cu nespus de mult drag, Cristiana

alex said...

la multi ani